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Leather-Check uses the Measuring Principle of "Thermal Radioscopy“

  • Thermal stimulation with a modulated heat source (halogen lamps, flash lamps)
  • Measurement of the thermal response as a function of time with an infrared camera
  • Signal analysis





Plastic Weldings Inspection – WELD CHECK
Complete solution for testing of plastic weldings using the latest NDT technology.

Increase Speed and Your Bottom Line with Our Turn-Key Solution

  • Save Time
    With Weld-Check, defects in the welding of plastic parts as well as defects in the sealing of packages can be reliably detected within short times.
  • 100% Safe For Your Products
    During the measurement the surface of the inspected part is warmed up to a short time maximum temperature of less than 40C. Damages or changes of the shape are impossible.
  • Flexible Integration Options
    The system allows a manual as well as a fully automated inspection. It can be integrated in-line in a production process.
  • Clear Results
    Instead of temperatures the system measures and evaluates differences in the temporal behavior of the heat at the product surface. Measurement results are clearly reproducible and are insensitive for any external effects.
  • Scalable Solution
    Variable system design, from mobile systems for manual inspections up to robot guided in-line systems with high measuring speed and fully automated data processing.

    Weld-Check can be extended with an optical 3D-sensor for detection of surface defects and for measurement of geometric parameters

Weld-Check Illustrated Example For Plastic Automotive Dashboard

Weld-Check uses a variant of IR thermography known as “lock-in” thermography to analyze samples under test. In this method, the sample to be tested is heated at its surface by an intensity modulated source. This heat penetrates into the interior of the sample as a thermal wave and any change in the properties of the sample material such as defective welds, cause a change in the propagation characteristics of the wave.

Lock-In Technology Diagram

After the thermal wave is reflected to the surface of the sample, it becomes superimposed (or “locked-in”) onto the initial wave such that any defect is revealed by a local change in the phase angle. By recording the surface temperature of the sample with an IR camera, the temperature-time function of the image can be analyzed on a host computer. By calculating a phase image, the internal structure of the component and its interior defects are revealed. Depending on the modulation parameters of the heat source during the measurement, different depth ranges within the image can be displayed.



Weld-Check Software

  • Result of a measurement is displayed as an image
    Simple identification of defects and repairs.
  • Integrated functions for performing automated measurements
    Easy operability of the measurement system.
  • Storage of the complete measurement and analysis configurations in workspace files
    Easy and fast changeover for the measurement of different kinds of products .
  • Automatic storage of the measurement results with all measurement parameters
    Automatic storage of all relevant data for the use in quality management systems.
  • Integrated functions for automatic generation of reports
    Easy generation of the complete documentation of the measurement results.
  • Multiple user levels, protected by password
    Manipulation of the measurement parameters and results are effectively prevented.

Weld-Check Software Screen


Weld-Check Technical Features

  • Cycle speed
    Depending on material and thickness of the part, = 1 second up to several seconds
  • Heating of the leather
    Short-time maximum surface temperature ≤40C ; damages or changes of the shape are impossible
  • Infrared camera
    Depending on application: Maintenance-free camera with uncooled microbolometer detector and high thermal resolution or camera with cooled infrared photodetector
  • Computer for image processing and control
    High-performance industrial PC
  • Power electronics and heat source
    Depending on application: High-power flash generator with flash lamp or phase controlled modulator with halogen lamps


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