moviMED Custom Imaging Solutions for Motion Vision Applications
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MoviMED offers state-of-the-art thermography solutions in patnership with FLIR Systems, Inc.

Thermography or thermal imaging detects radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is usually not visible to the human eye. Every object emits a unique signature in the infrared spectrum based on its thermo-physical properties. This phenomenon makes it possible for thermal or infrared cameras to capture the IR radiation and to convert these signals into visible video information. These signals can then be processed by software running on a standard PC.

MoviMED provides off-the-shelf solutions for three major areas of thermography.

1) Advanced Infrared Non-destructive Testing. This IR NDT equipment can be used to inspect composite materials used in aircraft, aerospace, marine, racing and automotive industry.

2) Process Control and Automated 24/7 Monitoring of industrial equipment and processes for manufacturing industries.

3) Infrared Imaging Applications for Research and Development. IR software is used to analyze images for temperature distribution, such as printed circuit board inspection in the semiconductor industry, medical applications and others.



Aircraft Inspection System – “Jet-Check”

The “Jet-Check” system allows rapid inspection of the fuselage and other structural components of any aircraft. Quickly locate micro-fractures, cracks, impact damages, delaminations, loose rivets and water inclusions. Inspect large areas of the aircraft for material fatigue problems to avoid catastrophic failures.

Learn more about the Jet Check Aircraft Inspection System

NDT Aircraft Inspection System - Jet-Check
Approved for Inspection by the FAA

Currently being used by Boeing, Airbus and Luthansa

Companies currently using the Jet-Check Aircraft Inspection System Technology


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