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Alignment & Gauging

Many applications require the verification of exact dimensional measurements according to their specified manufacturing tolerances. This process is referred to as “gauging”. A digital camera together with the right vision software tools can easily automate this inspection step for a variety of products and parts. Alignment and gauging can also be used in conjunction with vision guided motion applications. In that case the visual feedback is being used to align mechanical or optical components.

Battery Clamp Inspection Image Battery Clamp Inspection
This is an example of a battery clamp inspection. The vision software (NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection) is automatically locating specific part features, regardless of whether the part has shifted or rotated within the field of view of the camera.

Eyedropper Inspection Image Eyedropper Inspection
The screenshot to the left shows a pharmaceutical inspection. The system is checking the fill level of each eyedropper, whether the twist caps are on and oriented correctly and for any excess material that may be still attached from the injection-molding process. The system keeps track of yield in % and the active versus idle time of the vision inspection processor.

Label Inspection Image Label Inspection
During packaging it is often necessary to attach a label to the product. This is usually accomplished with an automatic label applicator. A vision system can either be deployed to help place the label onto the appropriate spot or for post label application inspection. In this case the vision system is verifying that the label is aligned properly. In addition to the alignment verification the software can also read barcodes and perform optical character recognition or verification. (OCR or OCV).

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