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Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses are ideal for both on-line and off-line production environments that require accurate measurements. They correct perspective errors that yield variations in magnification through the depth of field and offer superior image quality and less distortion than conventional fixed focal length lenses.

Telecentric lenses provide constant magnification for any object distance, virtually eliminating perspective angle error, and affect on image magnification by an object’s movement.

Objects remain the same perceived size independent of their distance, over a range defined by the lens. Telecentric lenses are extremely useful for inspecting three-dimensional objects or scenes where image size and shape accuracy are critical.

Telecentric Lens Diagram


  • Large magnification depth of field
  • Allows measurement with little or no perspective error, or with varying distance
  • Ideal for a great variety of dimensional-gauging applications
  • Precise dimensional measurements, automatic alignment options
  • Threaded fasteners, machined parts, bottle geometry, and PCB component placement
  • Non-gauging applications include inspection of tube or pipe bores and verification of hole clearance.


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