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Motorized Zoom Lenses

Motorized Zoom Lenses

Motorized zoom lenses offer some great advantages. Imagine the practicality and cost-effectiveness offered by a motorized zoom lens compared to a system design that requires both the camera and lens to move in order to see more detail.

NavitarT has developed a motorization design, available on their 12X and Zoom 6000 systems, that integrates magnetic Hall-Effect sensors. Incorporating the Hall-Effect, discovered by Edwin Hall in 1879, created solid state sensors with no moving parts. A magnetic field is utilized to trigger a pulse in a semiconductor circuit. Unlike photoelectric sensors, Hall-Effect sensors can accommodate harsh, dirty or dusty environments, ambient room light, or variation in system voltages.


  • LabVIEW and Windows user interface
  • Controlled via serial RS-232 or USB
  • Table top or board level control system
  • Motorize the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom
  • Three different motor types available:
  • 2 Phase Stepping Motor (Faulhaber)
  • 5 Phase Stepping Motor (Oriental, Vexta)
  • DC Servo with Encoder (Faulhaber)
  • Hall-Effect Solid State Sensor Technology (a trademarked Navitar feature)
  • Unaffected by ambient light
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