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CCTV Fixed Focal Lens

CCTV Fixed Focal Lenses

Fixed focal length lenses offer a wide range of superior quality yet economical solutions for CCTV and machine vision applications. With a fixed focal length lens, the distance between the lens and the object must be physically changed in order to achieve a different field of vision. While zoom lenses accommodate many different working distances, the working distance for any given field of view for a fixed focal lens is predetermined. Fixed focal length lenses specifically address working distance requirements and as a result, may better suit a specific application.


  • Complete lines of high quality mega pixel lenses
  • Image capture, barcode scanning, general imaging applications, medical systems, hi-speed imaging, machine and robotics vision
  • Ideal for security/surveillance applications
  • Robust mechanical structures for critical machine vision applications
  • Preferred vendors offer the broadest ranges of CCTV lens products available
  • Specialty lenses, accessories, lenses for high sensitivity camera use, remote-controlled iris lenses, 2X range extenders, close up lenses and extension tube kits are also available
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