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3D Inspection and Measurement - moviScan 3D

C3-Explorer: configuration and recording software for all cameras in the C3 series

C3 Explorer Software


  • GUI program for controlling and configuring all C3 cameras with CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet Interface.
  • DLL interface allows adaptation to suit any CameraLink Frame Grabber, e.g. Matrox MeteorIICL, Coreco PcCamLink, Euresys, National Instruments (others on request).
  • "Configuration-only mode" without image-acquisition support with generic CameraLink driver via CameraLink-RS232 or PC-RS232 driver.
  • Display and configuration of all camera registers.
  • Storage of the camera configuration in a file or the camera configuration EEprom.
  • Display of all camera image and 3D data in the form of height images, intensity images, with palette support for false-colour display, as well as flexible scaling options.
  • Display of a selected range as a profile or intensity line.
  • Storage of recorded readings as 8Bit, 16Bit TIFF and PNG or as a binary data record.

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CD-ROM with documentation (German, English), installation program, Frame Grabber configuration files for Matrox-MeteorIICL, Coreco PcCamLink, Euresys, National Instruments and programming examples in C++



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