moviMED Custom Imaging Solutions for Motion Vision Applications
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AF-150x Series Frame 
Grabbers for National Instruments ComapctRIO
Series Analog Frame Grabbers
Machine Vision For National Instruments CompactRIO

Customer Testimonials

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"At our Global Technology Development facility, we are always looking to optimize the size, speed and reliability of our manufacturing machines. The CompactRIO platform provides the high speed determinism we need for efficient and precise component placement.

The new MoviMED AF 1501 frame grabber module enables us to integrate video feedback into the same platform and fully automate the entire process."

Ben Engelen, Senior Project Engineer Vision & Measurement
Philips GTD Mechanization

MoviMED AF 1501 Frame Grabber Module - Global Technology Development

"As a system integrator for custom robotics, LabVIEW with CompactRIO has become our core prototyping platform because it provides the versatility we need for a wide range of applications, from designing walking robots to high precision positioning systems. With the new MoviMED AF 1501 frame grabber module for CompactRIO, we can further improve our development process by adding vision to the same platform, creating an integrated system."

Wes Womack, Senior Technology Officer
Square One Systems Design


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