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3D Camera Inspection and Measurement of Welding Seams - moviSCAN 3D

Weld Seam Inspection

3D high resolution, continuous inspection of height, width and position of weld seams

  • Control of shape and position of seam
  • Delivers robust, process-sure, reproducible measured data independent of ambient light effects and of exact positioning of seam
  • Color/glance of seam has no influence on the measurement
  • Can be combined with an IR inspection system for extensive detection of faulty areas


Application Examples for moviSCAN 3D Cameras


Image of inspection of Laser welding seams

3D Inspection of Laser weld seams

  • Control of seam width
  • Control of seam height
  • Detection of seam edge offset


Image of inspection of Plasmatron soldered seams

3D Inspection of Plasmatron soldered seams

  • Inspection of seam height and position
  • Detection of faulty areas


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