moviMED Custom Imaging Solutions for Motion Vision Applications
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3D Inspection and Measurement for Tires and Rubber Gaskets- moviSCAN 3D

Tire and Rubber Inspection Using 3D Machine Vision

Industrial 3D machine vision on "difficult" materials such as tires and rubber.


Application Examples for moviSCAN 3D Cameras


Image of 3D character recognition3D character recognition

3D character recognition using 3D machine vision on tires

  • Simultaneous acquisition of intensity and height data
  • Uniform illumination of the measurement surface
  • Structures and patterns are clearly recognizable


Image of quality control on tires

Quality control on tires using 3D machine vision

  • Detection of faulty areas or structures
  • Height measurement of tire knobs
  • Inspection of surface structure


Inspection of imprinting on gaskets using 3D machine vision

  • Control of gasket imprinting


Image of 3D profile control of rubber gaskets

3D profile control of rubber gaskets

  • Control of height profile comparing to CAD data
  • Detection of height and position deviations of gasket lip
  • Inspection of carrier part and detection of rubber overspillings

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