moviMED Custom Imaging Solutions for Motion Vision Applications
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3D Inspection and Measurement for Robot Guidance - moviSCAN 3D

3D Robot Guidance Using 3D Measurement

Image of application example of Robotguidance

Detection of 3D part orientation and feature location. Calculation of offset data. Feedback of robot system with correction data.

Application Examples for moviSCAN 3D Cameras

Image of robot supported picking of roofing tiles

3D robot guidance used for roofing tile picking

  • Measurement of 3D shape
  • Determination of geometric features
  • Transformation of local coordinates to global robot coordinate system
  • Calculation of robot pick position

Image of Gap control

Gap control of automatic windshield positioning using 3D robot guidance

  • Measurement of windshield gap
  • Determination of windshield position and orientation offset
  • Application of "Best-Fit" method
  • Feedback of robot system with correction data

Image of alignment control

3D robot guidance alignment control of rubber tubes picked by robot arm

  • Measurement of 3D tube geometry
  • Modeling of tube axial line
  • Calculation of alignment correction vector in robot coordinate system

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