moviMED Custom Imaging Solutions for Motion Vision Applications
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3D Inspection and Measurement - moviScan 3D

Ultra High Speed 3D Profile Scan Camera

C4-2350 3D Camera

Sensor Specifications
Sensor resolution: 2352(H) x 1728(V)
Pixel size: 7µm x 7µm
Dynamic Range: 59dB
Digitization: 10Bit
Shutter: Rolling Shutter
Sensitivity 17000 LSB/(μJ cm2) @ 610nm
Sensor Algorithm Image, Profile-MAX, Profile-TRSH, Profile-COG, user specific (Peak)
Length of profile
in 3D-mode
2352 pixels

Typical profile speed depending on number of sensor rows:

Height resolution can be increased by using Profile-TRSH (1/2 pixel) or Profile-COG-(1/16 pixel) without loss of speed

Sensor Rows Profile speed (Hz)
Max. Frame Rate for image (full frame) 190 fps (internal memory)
Max. number of sensor AOIs: 4 or 8 (depending on Firmware Revision)
Smart Camera Features: Dedicated CPU for custom image processing
1 Gb Image Memory, 256 Mb Processor Instruction & Data Memory

Interface Specifications
Digital I/O’s and external synchronisation signals (MDR14 connector) 2 opto -coupled inputs, 2 opto-coupled outputs
Inputs can be configured as image and profile trigger, RS422 Resolver interface with signals A,/A,B,/B, tick divider and direction evaluation
Video output: GigE Vision with GenICam protocol
Illumination Interface (5-pin M9 connector): 2000mA direct laser drive to control output level and modulation

Power Requirements:
Supply voltage: 10 - 24V
Power consumption: < 10W

Mechanical Specifications:
Lens Mount C-Mount / F-Mount
Lens Size: 68mm x 68mm x 64,50mm (C-Mount) / 93,50mm (F-Mount)
Mass (without optics) 350g (C-Mount) / 420g (F-Mount)
Housing Mount 4 x M3 on each side 2000 mA direct laser drive to control output level and modulation

PC Requirements Gigabit Ethernet
Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, WIN NT, 2000, Linux (on request)
Software environment:

Configuration tool CX-Explorer, GenICam API,
Compatible with any GigE vision compliant image processing library,

Optional Accessories
The moviSCAN 3D sensors are available in different configurations; including a board only version for high volume OEM applications, a compact sensor with industrial housing, a Scheimpflug adapter, screw terminal connector and SDK.

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